Consigned Clocks

*Note: The following clocks are consigned, and have not been verified in person. If you are interested in any of these clocks, please contact us directly. Descriptions and evaluations were done by the consignee of these particular clocks.


Ithaca No. 2 Bank. Circa 1880. Walnut case, all original dials, both top and bottom, hands, paper rollers, etc. which very few still have. The case is as I bought it over 20 years ago; there is some very thin, almost paste wax-like smooth finish on the walnut, which is medium colored. The case and carved mask have no serious dents or issues. The top finials are originals, but one of the smaller ones has a tip repair which is not noticeable. There are holes for the bottom finials, but I took the finials off that I got with it because they looked wrong to me: similar to those on vienna regulators. The clock runs and the calendar changes. Movement and bottom calendar mechanism are original along with the correct rectangular lead weights. The pendulum has original nickel finish with a few dings. All clock measurements are as per Tran Duy Ly’s books. Asking price: $7,495.00


Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 10, later version. Circa 1904. Dark Oak Case, original finish. All finials are original. Both dials have an aged coloration, but I suspect the bottom dial may be an old repaint job (proper details), which is the way I bought it over 15 years ago. The pendulum is brass and has a beautiful etched damascene design in it. This is a nice original specimen. The worst flaw is that a small section of oak veneer has cracked and lifted on the bottom. I chose to leave it as is, but I would think this could be easily repaired by a good wood worker. Movements are original and in running order. Asking price: $6,175.00


George A. Jones jewelers wall regulator. Circa 1880. The well proportioned case has the look of a large vienna regulator. The black walnut case was totally refinished about 20 years ago and is beautifully done. The raised door panels and top and bottom trim have burl wood veneer. The pinwheel movement with sweep second hand was restored and is extremely accurate. It has the typical lyre compensating pendulum and brass weight that hangs behind the pendulum. The dial (outside brass bezel) and bob are about 12 inches each in diameter. Again, very pleasing balance and proportion. Original wavy glass in the door adds interest. The clock is larger than it appears in photos: 89 inches long with top and bottom finials on and 79 inches long without them. At its widest point (top) it is 22.5 inches. I question whether the six finials (three top and three bottom) are all original to the case, but their finish matches nicely to the case. My guess is that there originally was a large finial on the top center. The clock is priced accordingly: $6,895.00.