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welch Reg 5

Welch Regulator #5 (Early model)

8 day, time only, weight driven 52″ high Black walnut case, 10″ painted dial, movement, pendulum, glass, and all finials are original. Restoration notes: Weights though period, are not Welch. dial was repainted in 1972, case has been beautifully refinished. This clock comes with a letter of its complete history of ownership, from the time it left the factory in 1873


Seth Reg #9

Seth Thomas Regulator #9

8 Day time only, Weight driven. 48″ high Cherry case, 10″ dial with original paint, movement, pendulum, glass and weight. Case retains its factory finish with no major flaws or dings. Outstanding condition!


Seth Thomas Flora

Seth Thomas Flora Circa 1884

8 Day, Weight driven Strikes on Cathedral bell Cherry Case, 8″ dial with original paint, movement, pendulum, glass, and weights. Cherry case has been rubbed out and polished to a high luster, an outstanding example of this model.


 Waterbury Regulator #7 (circa 1891)

This is an excellent example of one of Waterbury’s top of the line clocks. Its overall condition is excellent with a cherry case and mercurial pendulum original. There are no hairline cracks in the porcelain dial and the case is original throughout, as are the hands and glass, with a finely crazed finish. An outstanding example.

           Formally from the Wasserman Collection

Height – 82”
Width – 25”


Seth Thomas Lunar circa 1894

Clock is all original with the following flaws: Winding chains and hour hand are replacements, and the two weights have been dented on the bottom, presumably from falling or being dropped. Movement, dial and finish are all original.


Seth Thomas Regulator #3

100% as found condition, Rosewood case in original alligatored finish, two nickel plated weights that run the rare time strike movement and a beautiful nickel damascene pendulum bob make it stand out from other #3’s that are commonly found. The dial could use slight touch up or could be left as is. A rare example of a chiming #3.

Height – 44”


Seth Thomas Regulator #1 Extra

Rosewood case looks to have had one repair to the wooden bezel and the top of the case refinished. The dial paint looks to have been re-finished but on close inspection is original! The best we have seen on a Seth Thomas clock. The label on the inside is 100% along with its paper beat scale. An outstanding example of this model. Formally from the Wasserman Collection.


seth Reg 19


































Seth Thomas Regulator #19

8 Day, time only, beats seconds with sweep hand. 75″ high Oak case with 12″ dial, retains original finish, dial, movement, pendulum with thumb print jars. Restoration notes: two bottom finials are well done replacements, the oak has some veneer cracking on the base, (not noticeable when clock is hung) and dial paint has been restored, (by Dial House) Overall an impressive clock at a reasonable price!


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