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We have been buying and selling to some of the top auction houses and dealers for the past fifteen years. We strive to sell the most original examples of clocks that we can find. We will assess and describe any clock that we have for sale to the best of our abilities, whether it has a repainted dial or restored parts, it will be stated in the description. We do not call a clock that has been refinished “rubbed out”, as many dealers do, nor do we say dial paint is “original” when it is not.

Our purpose is to provide a true collector with the most original examples of a desired clock model that we have come across. We would love to hear from you if you find any of our assessments flawed, as we have learned through dealers and collectors over the years. It is our best intention to supply true collectors with clocks that they will enjoy and cherish over the years, and ultimately make a profit on when the time comes to sell.

For more information or pictures of any clocks shown, please contact us by the email address or phone number listed below.  All of our clocks are available for inspection by appointment.  NYS residents must pay sales tax.


*Please note that many of the clocks shown contain mercury, which cannot be shipped except by private courier.
Looking for an old world clock contact us to see our complete inventory.


Email: info@american-antiqueclocks.com

Main phone: (845) 855-5616


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